February 1, 2018

Things that Just Happened in London.....

This week, the Royal Society is hosting a workshop called "From Connectome to Behavior", hosted by the OpenWorm Foundation. A program can be found here

The Monday and Tuesday sessions included talks by OpenWorm senior contributors as well as mathematical, biological, and engineering researchers from around the world (including John White, a C. elegans  research legend). Fortunately, you can get a taste for the topical diversity on the OpenWorm Twitter feed, and from the screenshots below.

The Wednesday session was a day for demos and less formal talks, as evidenced by the robotics contingent showing off their latest hardware. Living worms also made an appearance!

How good is the OpenWorm simulation suite? Take a simple test: which one is the real worm, the worm on the left or the worm on the right? View the video footage and vote here.

Here is some OpenWorm-related artwork on display, designs by Matteo Farinella

If what you see here looks good and you would like to learn more, please get in touch with the OpenWorm community! Hope to see you soon!

Thanks to the Royal Society of London for being an excellent host!

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