January 27, 2018

News and Views: January 2018 edition

Here are a few updates on Synthetic Daisies-adjacent news and views originally posted on Tumbld Thoughts.

First: For those interested in scientific community-building, fostering diversity, and mentorship, here is a working Laboratory Contribution Philosophy [1] developed for the Orthogonal Research Lab.

The full series of slides can be found on the Open Science Framework as part of the Open Career Development project.

Secondly: It’s time for the 2018 Foundational Questions Institute essay contest! This year's theme: “What is Fundamental?” Submissions are now closed, but the entries are open for evaluation. Hundreds of essays providing insights from physics, math, philosophy, and more. Check out my entry here: “Towards the meta-fundamental: introducing intercontextual invariants”.

[1] inspired by the contribution methodology to Open Source projects.

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