What does the name Synthetic Daisies mean?

This blog is dedicated to the working out of ideas relevant to biological and computational science, with a strong sub-theme of innovation, invention, and social systems. I envision this as a semi-peer-review forum. While not all of the posts directly relate to working out ideas, some of the longer posts will (hopefully) be take-off points for future research. Of course, I want this to be fun as well. Thus, please feel free to comment on the posts.

The title "Synthetic Daisies" refers to the original Daisyworld simulations run by James Lovelock to demonstrate the Gaia hypothesis. The main result of the Daisyworld simulations was to show that the biosphere (in this case the reflectance and respiration of daisies) could have an impact on the atmosphere (in this case, resulting in fluctuations in temperature and chemical changes). This is also related to the scope of this blog, which can be roughly defined as the co-occurence of computational science and natural systems (e.g. evolution, engineering theory, artificial life, neurobiology, animal (including human) behavior, and molecular/cell biology).