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Sensor-enabled Relativistic Virtual Worlds. Submitted to Intel Future ContestFigshare document (doi:10.6084/104676).

Blog posts on alternative routes to funding scientific research (mostly crowdsourcing) Synthetic Daisies Posts.

Scientific Innovation Fellowship

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This position involves supporting an academic (science and engineering) scholar and his interdisciplinary activities. Specifically, the money would go toward creating a fund for purposes of pursuing a host of professional activities. One part of the scholar's time will involve supporting experimental and theoretical work on a variety of biological, technological, and social systems. The scholar maintains a number of collaborations in addition to the pursuit of personal projects. Please see the scholar's research website and research blog for a sampling of prior and current work. The other portion of the scholar's time will involve developing open-source models for scientific marketing and commercialization. If successful, these efforts will broaden the funding foundations for scientific pursuits in addition to expanding the opportunities for applying scientific knowledge to real-world problems.

Research-oriented Blog: (

Funding this position would ensure that the scholar has a strong financial footing and named position, both of which will help in the pursuit of the aforementioned intellectual and scientific activities. My progress in this position will be measured in terms of of papers, blog posts, presentations, and possibly proof-of-concept technologies and software. These products have significant potential value to both the scientific community and the broader society.

What is special about this scholar?
The scholar in question is truly cross-trained in quantitative modeling, biological science, and social science. For many interdisciplinary projects, scientists are usually brought in from different disciplines independently, which does not maximize the value of the collaboration. If you fund this project, this scholar will be able to engage in truly novel projects and potentially change the world.

Where would your money go?
The funds raised would go towards salary, equipment, and travel. Generally, equipment consists of supplies such as computer equipment and scientific instruments. Travel expenses would involve trips to conferences and symposia. These opportunities arise sporadically, so it is hard to know what the cost breakdown of each expense component would be. Because of this, the scholar would draw from the fund as needed to achieve his goals.

Is the scholar able to achieve his goals?
There are several assets that the scholar may utilize in reaching his goals. The scholar is currently affiliated with a University institution and laboratory (Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory, Michigan State University), and has numerous interdisciplinary ties. The scholar is also affiliated with a University-sponsored technology transfer program (MSU Technologies).

Why not apply for government and/or foundation grants?
The scholar's work is uniquely interdisciplinary, highly conceptual, and very cutting-edge. Such an unconventional scientific background makes opportunities well-suited for specific disciplines and incremental advances inappropriate. Moreover, the scholar does not currently hold the type of academic position that would allow him to be a lead investigator on a grant from the major funding agencies. By funding this project, you would be filling a funding "blind spot" in the much celebrated pursuit of innovation.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email. If you cannot fund this project but would like to help out, please spread the word about my project. Thank you for stopping by!

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