June 30, 2009

Innovation Class/Book

Here is the outline for my innovation course/book, which teaches people all the skills they need to become an inventor (it's intentionally tongue-in-cheek).

I. Beyond the internet: how to escape the grind of software development and reinvent the wheel.

Why does it seem like all of our innovators go into software development? Perhaps it's where innovation is most encouraged. But, there's a hell of a lot more to life than Facebook and vidiot games.

II. Keep a notetaking device handy vs. it can't be done any other way.

Taking notes to record fragments of inspiration are indispensible for an inventor. Finally, a "use" for Twitter (providing your insights are under 140 characters).

III. Sleep is good (as a series of short bursts)! a.k.a. How to take a catnap and still work hard.

Edison was famous for his catnaps. I like to take short to moderate naps during the late afternoon as well. It's like two days in one -- you work during the business day, and then you have the evening free (as you are refreshed and cogent). Sleep is horribly underrated in our society.

IV. What to do when they want your head.

Every now and again, people will gang up on you for not approaching a problem in the same manner they do. Probably for the same reasons ideological coercion and ethnic cleansing are so common.

V. What to do when only a part of what you've worked on works.

This happens all the time. Keep it modular and think laterally.

Notice that "how to file a patent" has yet to be covered. That's because we're still working on defining what ever it is we're inventing.