October 2, 2013

Increasingly-free Artificial Life and Life-compatible Electronics

Here is yet another opportunity [1] to get A(rtificial) Life. For free. The proceedings of ECAL 2013 (the biennial European Artificial Life conference) is now available from MIT Press.

Now is your chance to learn about the latest advances in adaptive hardwareartificial immune systemsbioinspired robotics/learningin silico evolution, and much more.....

In semi-related news, check out this video about flexible circuit design (their application is called "imperceptible circuits") from Digitized Information. And in increasingly tangential news, find out more about physically transient electronics [2] that are reabsorbed by the body when no longer needed [3]. 

An electrochemical schematic of a flexible electronic circuitry. Courtesy Figure 1 from [3]. 


[1] The proceedings for the Alife XI, Alife XII, Alife XIII conferences are also available.

[2] A biocompatible and potentially flexible circuitry that could be used for multiple applications in the field of bioelectronics. 

For more information, please see: Hwang et.al A Physically Transient Form of Silicon Electronics.  Science, 337, 1640 (2012).

[3] For more information, listen to this podcast with John Rogers at UIUC. This work is also part of a DARPA initiative in the area of  transparent conducting films

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