July 9, 2012

Alife XIII Proceedings: now available

The proceedings for Artificial Life XIII [1] are now available. This should include all papers being presented at the conference, in addition to the extended abstracts. A very good and diverse set of papers this year -- enjoy. By the way, my full paper contribution ("Contextual Geometric Structures: modeling the fundamental components of cultural behavior") is the first paper [2] under the Collective Dynamics track.

The program is also available. Nobel prize-winning physician Jack Szostak will be giving the Keynote address on Thursday, July 19 (7:30pm). Also found out that the talk for my paper will be part of Collective Dynamics session III (Networks and Topology) on Saturday the 21rst at 4pm.

[1] The theme of Artificial Life XIII is "Evolution in Action".

[2] I believe the order is alphabetical and not of importance, but it still feels good to be the first paper. It's nice thing to have a last name that begins with "A" -- it can provide a short-term boost to the ego when needed.

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