March 19, 2018

Google Summer of Code Application Deadline is Approaching!

A quick reminder as to what is near. Nothing to fear -- except that applications for Google Summer of Code 2018 are due on March 27th (in a little more than a week). Thanks to all the applicants to our projects so far. I am the mentor for the following projects (all sponsored by INCF):

Contextual Geometric Structures (Project 8)

Towards a k-D embryo (Project 10.2)

Physics-based XML (Project 10.1)

Apply to work work either the Orthogonal Research Lab community (Project 8) or the OpenWorm Foundation community (Projects 10.1, 10.2). Please contact me (Bradly Alicea) for more information.

There are several other projects hosted by the OpenWorm Foundation that combine work with Neuroscientific data and Computational Modeling. These include:

Advanced Neuron Dynamics in WormSim (Project 10.3)

Mobile application to explore C. elegans nervous system dynamics (Project 10.4)

Add support for Neurodata Without Borders 2.0 to Geppetto (Project 10.5)

All three of these projects are based in the OpenWorm Foundation community, and are lead by mentors Matteo Cantarelli, Giovanni Idili, and Stephen Larson.

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