November 18, 2017

New Badges (Microcredentials) for Fall 2017

I have some new badges to advertise, one set from the OpenWorm Badge System, and one set from the Orthogonal Lab Badge System. As discussed previously on this blog, badges are microcredentials we are using to encourage participation in our research ecosystems at an introductory level.

An education-centric sketch of the OpenWorm and Orthogoanl Laboratory research ecosystems.

The first new badge series is an introduction to what is going on in the DevoWorm group, but also gives biologists and computationalists unfamiliar with Caenorhabditis elegans developmental biology a chance to get their feet wet by taking a multidisciplinary approach to the topic.

Worm Development I focuses on embryonic development and associated pattern formation. Worm Development I is a prerequisite to II, so be sure to try this one first.

Worm Development II focuses on larval development, including the postembryonic lineage tree and what characterizes each life-history stage.

The second badge series is hosted on the Orthogonal Lab Badge System, and provides an overview of Peer Review issues and techniques. This series is meant to give young scholars a working familiarity with the process of peer review. It is notable that Publons Academy now offers a course on Peer Review, to which this badge might serve as an abbreviated complement.

Peer Review I covers the history of peer review and the basics of pre-publication peer review. Be aware that Peer Review I is a prerequisite for Peer Review II (but not Peer Review for Data).

Peer Review II delves into how to decompose an article for purposes of peer review. An evaluation strategy for post-publication peer review is also covered.

Peer Review for Data contains a brief how-to for conducting peer review for open datasets.

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