May 4, 2017

Announcing our Google Summer of Code 2017 Students

As mentioned in a previous post, the OpenWorm Foundation (and DevoWorm group) has been receiving application for this year's Google Summer of Code. We have now selected our student applicants and projects to be awarded the internship. We had a very good group of applicants this year, so congratulations go out to everyone who applied!

Shubham Singh will be working on the model completion dashboard project, which is a general tool for the OpenWorm community. Siddharth Yadav will be working with me and the rest of the DevoWorm group to quantify and analyze secondary microscopy data that capture the process of embryogenesis for C. elegans and other organisms [1]. Good luck!

Thanks to the INCF for coordinating the selection process!

[1] For more reading on the promise of this approach, please see: Chi, K.R. (2017). Picking out Patterns. The Scientist, May 1 AND Rizvi, A.H., Camara, P.G., Kandror, E.K., Roberts, T.J., Schieren, I., Maniatis, T., and Rabadan, R. (2017). Single-cell topological rNA-seq analysis reveals insights into cellular differentiation and development. Nature Biotechnology, doi:10.1038/nbt.3854.

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