February 9, 2017

OpenWorm Open House Videos

To recap from a previous post, the OpenWorm Foundation held its first virtual Open House in October in order to showcase all current projects and their status. After a YouTube video streaming snafu and a period of playing video capture catch-up, the YouTube portion of the OpenWorm Open House is now live! 

The first Open House YouTube playlist is the Flash talk series,which covers all of the projects under the Foundation's umbrella. This playlist currrently includes all but two videos on the session program. While the original stream is being repaired, please check out the playlists.

The second Open House YouTube playlist features two tutorials (longer sessions of 45 minutes) that originally ran in parallel. We also have an permenant and citable archive at Figshare (doi:10.6084/ m9.figshare.4331036), which includes the videos along with supplemental papers and presentations. While the download is large, it is worth checking out. Enjoy!

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