December 13, 2012

Perhaps it's not too late.....or too soon

Just found out (via IEEE Spectrum) about an interesting contest sponsored by Intel and the HYVE [1]. It's called the Intel Future Contest. The point is to come up with an idea for a an idealized application for a smart sensor suite. What do you do with it? Use it in the home? Use it to monitor your health? Or use it in your favorite hobby [2]? See the description below:

"Imagine five years into the future. You have on you (or with you) this new sensing technology. It can see, hear, remember and understand everything around you all the time".

They also provide a number of criteria to keep in mind during the design process. These are included in the table below:

The deadline is December 18. To submit, they require a series of sketches or something similar. Judges will (hopefully) be fair and impartial [3]. Categories include: healthcare, communication, work, knowledge production, entertainment, infrastructure and environmental modeling, creative expression, and an "other" category. If you have an idea (that you are not submitting or have already submitted), perhaps you could also submit it in the comments section below [4]. 


[1] a self-proclaimed "open-source innovation company".

[2] skydiving reference and pic (below) courtesy Ars Technica and Google I/O 2012 keynote address.

[3] one of the judges is Mark Roth, who I recognize as the conductor of experiments on SO2-induced hibernation in mice (metabolic flexability).

[4] to see the pool of submissions (which features some impressive ideas), go to this site. My submission, "Sensor-enabled Relativistic Virtual Worlds", can be viewed here (or Figshare version here).

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