December 1, 2012

CoE #46 is now on Figshare

After reading a blog post (Posting Blog Entries to Figshare) by C. Titus Brown (from Living in an Ivory Basement) on strategies for furthering open-source science, I decided to post the Carnival of Evolution blog carnival I hosted back in April (The Tree (Structures) of Life) to Figshare [1].

Figshare is a public repository that provides a digital identifier (DOI) to each document shared. DOI identifiers make it easy for non-standard content (blog posts, slideshows, etc) to be formally cited and cataloged. In his post, C. Titus Brown suggests a programming solution to convert blog posts to Figshare documents. I did not use his method for this, but I simply formatted it as a more formal document. Enjoy.


[1] CoE #46: The Tree (Structures) of Life.

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