September 29, 2012

Heads (rolling?) on Mars....

This is being re-posted from my microblog Tumbld Thoughts.

I think I know the location of Phillip K. Dick's (PKD) head. HINT: you must get your ass there ASAP. My awareness of the lost cybernetic PKD head courtesy of the book "How to Build an Android". Quote courtesy of Hauser from "Total Recall: 1990". Telling Quaid (alter ego) to go to Mars.

As for the recent movie (Total Recall: 2012), see my critique ("For whom would you rather buy a new memory?", originally posted at Tumbld Thoughts on August 3) below:

Aha! I just knew the remake of "Total Recall" [2] was going to be a shitty fraud! My main problem going in was that the new movie, unlike the original movie and short story, does not take place on Mars. Instead, it takes place on earth in a dystopian future. No Mars, no sale. Colin Farrell in the role of Quaid [3] also does not help. 
As a matter of principle, I like the premise. The mix of cognitive engineering and "out there" sci-fi sensibility is something I can get on board with. But the new movie offers little inspiration from either [4]. In short, it's not getting my ass to Mars.....oh wait, it can't!


[1] for more information, please also see this article from BoingBoing.

[2] so far so bad, according to Wired.

[3] I have no doubt he would be able to say "get your ass to Mars". The problem is that he doesn't have the opportunity to.

[4] although I understand that people travel seamlessly through the earth's core in a post-apocalyptic future. That alone ruins it for me. Good night.

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