August 6, 2012

Geohashing overview

This is being reposted from my microblog Tumbld Thoughts.

Concept of the Day: geohashing [1], or a method for classifying geographic locations (based on latitude-longitude inputs) from random data [2]. This is used extensively in the context of Google Maps and other mobile applications [3]

Using the geohashing algorithm to find a location in San Francisco, USA. Courtesy [3].


[1] picture above is the schematic for a geohashing algorithm.

[2] special thanks to Randall Munroe and his brilliant xkcd comic series.

[3] for more information, please see the following reference: Niccolai, M. and Slatkin, B. 24 hours in SF: A Geolocation App. Google Developers App, February 04, 2009. See also a Stack Overflow discussion thread on geohashing.

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