December 23, 2010

Recursive algorithmism: a religion for the other .005 of us

In light of the recently released Tron sequel, I decided to start a new religion called Recursive Algorithmism.

Just check out these testimonials:

"One of the great things about our religion is that there is that repentance takes the form of a for loop". Anonymous.

One of our many planned churches (image to scale).

"In the year 1954, brother Turing traversed a strict hierarchy for 40 days and 40 nights. After he reached the tip of the tree branch, he looked out over a sparse array and saw a lone pixel with a value of "1". This is the rock of our church". Anonymous.

"And on the eighth clock cycle, the program halted. Holy is that instance." Anonymous.

"We give the phrase 'Ghost in the Machine' a whole new meaning". Anonymous.

Potential Pixellated Practitioner/Prosletyzer

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