December 31, 2008

Florida Museum of Natural History: prehistory on film.

This is really cool! Who says that YouTube is contributing to the downfall of civilization (I am not among those people, but whatever)? Have a look at these videos from the UF libraries archive. I used to work here as a Masters student:

This is the dedication of Dickinson Hall, which is now the "old" FLMNH (where they house most of the collections and scientific research today). By contrast, the "new" FLMNH (with the fully-functioning Butterfly rainforest) is out on Museum road near 34th Street (which is just off the lower left edge of the map shown below):

The whole buliding was designed to look (and apparently function, since it dosen't have freight elevators) like a Mayan pyramid nestled into the side of a hill. Notice how the front entrance appears tobe a single story while the plaza in back looks quite expansive with staircases and everything. In the background you can see Carrtram Hall (a portmanteau of Carr and Bartram Halls, home of the Zoology and Botany departments).

If you ever pass by (right on I-75) or visit Gainesville, FL, do yourself a favor and visit this museum. You'll learn a hell of a lot more than you will at Disney, and they have some pretty good collections, especially pertaining to Florida, Carribean, and South American biodiversity/cultural history.

More UF trivia as the opportunity presents itself......

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