April 30, 2016

Claude Shannon, posthumously 1100100

How do you model a centennial birthday, Dr. Shannon? COURTESY: Hackaday blog.

Claude Shannon, the so-called father of information theory, was born 100 years ago today [1]. This is a Google Doodle-worthy event, even though he died in 2001. Hence, internet rule #34' [2]: "if there exists a milestone, there's a Google Doodle for it".

April 30, 2016 Google Doodle.

Claude was also a juggler and an inventor of mechanical toys, hence the zeros and ones being juggled in the Doodle. A few years ago I wrote a post detailing this "mechanical zoo". Not a real zoo, mind you, but a collection of mechanical wonders far removed from his information theory work [3].

Spectrum, April 27.

[2] I made up Rule #34' as a less-provocative variant of existing Rule #34.

[3] his Master's thesis and Bell Systems Technical Journal paper (pdf) were milestones in the then- emerging academic field.

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