March 24, 2014

Official Host of Carnival of Evolution, #70

Synthetic Daisies is one again playing host to Carnival of Evolution's April edition, which goes live on April 1. This year's theme will be the games of evolution. To know exactly what this means, you will have to join us on April 1. This marks the third consecutive year of blogrolling [1]. I have been contributing posts for a bit longer). There are three ways to contribute: 1) log in to the Blog Carnival site and fill out the form, 2) post the link to the Carnival of Evolution Facebook page, or 3) e-mail me directly with “Carnival of Evolution” in the title.

Until then, here are some anatomical renderings and faux-developmental biology of alien hearts and brains [2]. A throwback to the theme of Carnival of Evolution #58: visions from the Evolutionary Future. According to the futurist George Dvorsky [3] and as implicitly suggested on Memory Alpha, we have indeed (but perhaps not ethically) won over these hearts and minds -- and brains. 


[2] Carrick, L.M.   Cranial, Brain, and Heart Development: Human, Andorian, Klingon, Gorn, Tellarite, Vulcan. Vibrant Oxymoron blog, July 7 (2011).

[3] Dvorsky, G.   Star Trek's 'prime directive' is stupid. Sentient Developments blog, January 13 (2007).

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