February 20, 2014

Space Bits, "Red-sky" Thinking, and Vader the Clown

As usual, cross-posted from Tumbld Thoughts. This time, it's loosely-associated features on space science, space speculation, and science fiction. I, II, and III, respectively.

I. Space (Exploration) Simulation

Capture, stretch, and consume. The simulation discussed in this NY Times article [1] shows that the gas cloud G2 [2] is about to collide with the massive black hole that forms the center of the Milky Way galaxy (Sagittarius A*). 

II. Space (Futurism) Boosterism

Once the Singularity occurs (or perhaps slightly before), we will be able to terraform and colonize Mars. At least according to the optimists. See this Humanity+ article [3] by Nicole Willett from the Mars Society and this article in Current Biology [4] for more.

III. Space (Fictional) Humor

A day in the life of Darth Vader. From top: a morning stroll with the colleagues, pensively waiting in line at the local mall, and being put to sleep by Spock the home nurse after milk and cookies (not shown). And what roast of Darth Vader would be complete without a tip of the pen to Hanus [5] by the artist Jim Koch?

Yay, Hanus! That's all, Folks!

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[5] Hill, S.   Awesome Vader project puts the "art" in Darth. Wired Underwire blog, July 9 (2010).

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