September 12, 2013

Inaugural post for the Fireside Science group blog

As mentioned in a post from June, I was a part of the first #SciFund Challenge outreach course. The course was held digitally and via Google+ hangouts. We covered a number of topics related to alternative sources of project funding (e.g. "selling" your research to a broader audience) and scientific outreach (e.g. re-interpreting your research for a broader audience).

One thing that grew out of that initiative was a group blog called Fireside Science [1]. In my last post on #SciFund, I promised to provide more information when the first post went live. The first post is now live (complied and edited by Jenna Walrath), and as promised, here is the link. We will rotate [2] the guest posts -- Synthetic Daisies will host a cross-posted feature in about three weeks or so. Enjoy.

UPDATE (9/26): a unique site (and logo) for Fireside Science was provided by #SciFund, and is now live.

[1] Rowlands, C.L.   Come Together: a guide for group blogs. Just Another WordPress Weblog, July 10 (2013).

[2] We have a very diverse and eclectic lineup, but topics will focus on the areas of biology/medical science and outreach strategies.

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