May 3, 2013

Evolving the Tardis: Carnival of Evolution #59

This has been cross-posted to my micro-blog, Tumbld Thoughts:

I've passed the CoE torch yet again. Dirk Steinke from the University of Guelph and blog DNA Barcoding brings us this month’s “Carnival of Evolution” (#59). Continuing with the futuristic/fantasy theme of last month’s carnival, the theme this month is: Dr. Who, evolutionary biologist. Who knows, perhaps he can make sense of Dalek diversity. This edition features the recent Synthetic Daisies post "Replication, Model Organisms, and Evolutionary Signatures".

An analytics update to Carnival of Evolution #58: As of May 3 (since April 1), this version has received 630 hits. Not bad for an academically-oriented blog carnival. Enjoy this month's installment (it should get a fair number of hits as well), and if you wish to host a future edition, please contact Bjorn Ostman.

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