April 15, 2013

Google Doodle -- Leonhard Euler

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Today's Google Doodle (still shot of animation shown here) is in celebration of Leonhard Euler's posthumous 309th birthday. He may be dead in the flesh, but his ideas live on [1]. He had an incredible output of coherent (and long-lived) ideas, some of which are used in technologies as diverse as aircraft design, global positioning systems, the design of virtual (computer) interfaces, and holographic design [2].


[1] For those who are unfamiliar with his work, he's postage stamp worthy (see above image). This used to be a big deal. Perhaps in Europe it still is.

[2] Mathematical and physical tools such as Euler angles and Euler's disks (here is video demo of Euler angles in the context of a phenomenon called gimbal lock and Euler disks in the context of holographs).

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