February 5, 2013

Collective Properties of Cellular Identity, new arXiv paper

Here's a paper of mine recently accepted to the arXiv, cross listed under the q-bio.GN and q-bio.QM categories:

Collective Properties of Cellular Identity: a computational approach

This is independent work I did while in the Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory (and the first paper under the Orthogonal Research affiliation). The data consist of secondary analysis (not quite a formal meta-analysis, but similar) conducted on 45 microarray experiments. In doing so, I employ a unique set of analytical techniques (e.g. soft classification) and evaluate the general tendencies and patterns that constitute cellular type. For example, what constitute differences and commonalities among a range of pluripotent (e.g. stem-like) cell type? Some of the analyses were done using MATLAB, the code for which (disclaimer: use at your own disappointment) can be found at Github. See the cartoon graphic below and full paper for more information.

FYI, Nature News recently ran a feature on the potential of arXiv for the publication of results in the genetics and biology communities. arXiv: no longer just for physicists anymore!

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