June 21, 2012

Promoting the Carnival (of Evolution)

The administrator of the Carnival of Evolution (CoE) blogroll (Bjorn Ostman) has been looking for ways to promote the cause to a wider audience. CoE is a "traveling" show (featuring the previous month's blog posts, news, and interesting publications) that is hosted by a different blog every month. This blog hosted CoE (the 46th iteration) in April of this year.

A version of this poster (this is the latest draft) will be featured in the BEACON booth at Evolution 2012 (being held in Ottawa). The graph at lower right shows that the number of posts featured on CoE has increased over time, which varies by host and what is going on that month. 

Bjorn would like feedback on the poster design and informational layout. If you have any ideas for how to publicize CoE, please let either Bjorn or myself know. 

In addition, the ievoBio conference is being held in parallel with Evolution 2012. They are sponsoring a challenge that involves finding new ways to synthesize phylogenetic data that looks like it could yield interesting outcomes.

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