January 3, 2012

OnInnovation, a site/blog/resource about "innovation"

As I post on the concept of "innovation" from time to time, I would like to share a promising-looking resource that I encountered recently. The OnInnovation site (run by the Henry Ford Museum) features a wide swath of innovators, from historic inventors such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison to contemporary people such as Steve Wozniak (computing), Elon Musk (venture capitalist), Dean Kamen (mechanical engineering), Rosa Parks (social change), Toshiko Mori (architecture), and Martha Stewart (entrepreneur).

There are also a number of interactive features to this site, which make it a good resource for people interested in understanding the embodiment of entrepreneurship and creative thinking. One feature is a video submission site associated with the American Invents! initiative and the Maker Faire. This is a good opportunity for people without a lot of resources or financial backing to try something new or show off their ideas.

There are also materials related to STEM (science, technology, and mathematics) education. Their Innovation 101 course offers five modules (definitions of innovation, process of innovation, personal traits of innovators, keys to innovation, and intellectual property) concerning different aspects of innovating. OnInnovation also includes a blog, which is not updated often, but keeps one up to date on where the site is headed.

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