December 16, 2011

John Hodgeman Does the (Towel) Twist

I am currently reading the new John Hodgeman book "That is All". I also enjoyed his previous two books “Areas of my Expertise” and “More Information than you Require”. I’m not sure what it is about his style that I enjoy. Probably the wordiness mixed with wryness and absurdity. For example, on the book jacket, there is a quote from Neil Gaiman which reads: “If you see John Hodgeman on the road, kill him”. Great stuff. So do as the Buddhists do: transcend the illusion of John Hodgeman, and drink the Kool Aid if necessary (but not too much of it). Here is a little passage I wrote that is “Hodgeman-esque” in nature:

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to mail a package to an enemy nation? John Hodgeman knows. He also knows how to custom write a series of non-sequiturs to be delivered orally at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and town council meetings (as the need arises -- he is versatile that way). Or better yet, what would it be like to mail a towel to the same rogue nation? In John Hodgeman’s house, there are thousands of unique-looking towels (mounted on the walls, not kept in the drawers, which would be silly) from all over the world, even enemy nations. While it might be a stretch to call him a "hoarder" (as seen on the television program 'Hoarders'), I can think of no other television program I would rather see him on. So the next time someone asks you 'can anthrax be delivered using a wet towel?' -- think of John Hodgeman”.

Figure 1. John Hodgeman (left) and the zombie muppet that dwells inside him (right). Don't believe me? Kill him and find out.

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